"Unique Jewelry for a Unique Soul"

I love jewelry.  As a little girl, I spent hours playing in my mother’s and grandmother’s jewelry drawers – they were like treasure chests to me.


My grandmother, though slight of build, wore bold, artistic pieces with colorful stones, each one saying, “look at me!” while my mother was a minimalist. She wore the same delicate, simple pieces of gold or silver every day.


Their distinct styles both influenced me, and they continue to inspire me. I love to create and wear pieces that intermingle the two. My aesthetic embodies this contrast and translates into my designs. I enjoy mixing materials that traditionally don’t go together: black oxidized sterling silver with polished or textured gold, refined pearls strung with colorful, semi-precious stones knotted with contrasting colorful silk, a large, white baroque pearl as a pendant to a double strand of earthy metal beads.   


The jewelry I make is lightweight and easy to wear every day. It’s versatile; it can be paired with a plain white T-shirt or a velvet black dress. I’m always intrigued to see how you’ll take my style and make it your own.


Because each of us is unique and should be able to express ourselves as such, I prefer to make one-of-a-kind pieces. Though I occasionally make replicas on request, I strive to create only one of each design, giving you an expression that’s truly as unique as you are.

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